Seriously Good Tubas

In developing the BMB tubas, my goal was always to make a free blowing piston tuba that my teacher, Arnold Jacobs would have liked. The 6/4 tubas are similar in size, bore and sound to the York Mr Jacobs played in the Chicago symphony. The 4/4 tubas have a similar feel and characteristic but with a smaller frame. The goal with the F and EEb tubas was to keep those same characteristics of sound and blow but move them up a fourth. I have been very fortunate to have had input from Don Harry, Scott Mendoker, Gene Pokorny and many other fine players as a compass.

Richard Barth, President, BMB Tubas

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  • My last performance with the BBb BMB (J-765) was for the Tschaikowsky: Symphony No. 5 and the “1812 Overture” last week at Ravinia. That tuba was a monster at the bottom of the trombone section and a wattage opportunist in every respect. It is still Charlie Vernon’s favorite BBb..

    Gene Pokorny
    Principal Tuba, Chicago Symphony Orchestra