The J-445LQ16 offers a little crisper sound and fits in a smaller case. Don Harry has been testing it out. Thanks, Don, for all your input. I have added it to the catalog and expect to have inventory later this year.

I received a

I received a couple of unsolicited comments I have to share (with permission, of course.) Dick, We just finished a long recording session for an upcoming Pops disc, the 6/4 was incredible to play on it! Listening to the playbacks, it was shocking the presence that horn has! Tons of fun!

Testing Tubas, a personal perspective.

First some stories: Vince DeRosa was at the Conn factory when a college girl came in to pick out an 8D. “Mr Derosa! What an honor. Would you pick out my horn for me?” He walked over to a display; picked one up at random and handed it to her. Said she,“You don’t understand. I mean play them and tell me which one I should buy.” Said he “You don’t understand, honey. I picked mine out like this and got used to it. You take this one and get used to it.” Note: I met DeRosa at a convention and asked him if that story were true.

I am honored

I am honored and flattered that a number of exceptional tubists have chosen Big Mouth Brass J-445 F tubas. Among them are Don Harry, Scott Mendoker, Alex Cauthen, Andy Smith and several others. Alex Kidston has documented his experience. Alex is the one of the foremost tubists in Ireland. I met him at the Ohare airport where he took delivery. I share his experience edited only to keep it concise. Alex Kidston, brass tutor at National University of Ireland Maynooth, tuba player at vox merus, and busy freelancer in Dublin Ireland.

Midwest Regional Tuba

Midwest Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference was at Illinois State in Normal, IL. Andy Rummel and Dakota Pawlicki ran a great event with a plethora of fine performances. My thanks to everyone who tried out Big Mouth Brass tubas. Pictures are posted in the links.