A marvelous 6/4 tuba similar to the old 345. This horn has been used in the Chicago symphony when a BBb tuba makes sense. It was found to sound closest to the Orchestra's York.

Includes a hard case, mouthpiece, and gig bag.

6/4 BBb Tuba

  • The community band has just finished its season not too long ago and I must say, this horn has done nothing but impress me. The tone blends well with the rest of the band while still giving it the oomph that a 6/4 is known for. The intonation surprisingly is pretty close to that of a 4/4 horn.

    Collin Thomas
  • My last performance with the BBb BMB (J-765) was for the Tschaikowsky: Symphony No. 5 and the “1812 Overture” last week at Ravinia. That tuba was a monster at the bottom of the trombone section and a wattage opportunist in every respect. It is still Charlie Vernon’s favorite BBb..

    Gene Pokorny
    Principal Tuba, Chicago Symphony Orchestra