• I thought you would be interested in my recent experience with the BMB J-844 CC tuba. The BMB is comparable with my previous 4/4 CC tuba, a Nirschl. The sound is terrific with a solid center, lots of color and an even response. This horn is a solid hit!

    Alex Cauthen
    Dallas Wind Symphony

  • The community band has just finished its season not too long ago and I must say, this horn has done nothing but impress me. The tone blends well with the rest of the band while still giving it the oomph that a 6/4 is known for. The intonation surprisingly is pretty close to that of a 4/4 horn.

    Collin Thomas
  • My last performance with the BBb BMB (J-765) was for the Tschaikowsky: Symphony No. 5 and the “1812 Overture” last week at Ravinia. That tuba was a monster at the bottom of the trombone section and a wattage opportunist in every respect. It is still Charlie Vernon’s favorite BBb..

    Gene Pokorny
    Principal Tuba, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

  • My husband is completely in love with the tuba and is very happy, he really loves the color of the sound.  For years he had been searching for an F tuba and bought different instruments and couldn’t find what he was looking for, until now.  Thank you for everything!!

    Carolina Garamendi
    On behalf of: Roberto Garamendi
    Tuba principal, National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico

  • I picked the tuba up on Wednesday, it looks great and plays even better!  Thanks!

    Marshall Gagne
    Graduate Assistant, Georgia State University

  • I’ve had a few days to play with this great, new toy, and I’m pretty impressed. Its probably the best in tune tuba I’ve played but what makes it stand out for me is the enormous presence of sound. I took it out, for its initial tryout, into the garage, which is my main “studio”. I thought, after the first few notes, that I was going to have to use ear plugs. Its not so much that its LOUD, its more that it fills the room with an intense presence. I don’t remember any horn doing that before.

    In my experience at the Midwest, BMBs were clearly the best playing horns there. Mine has the presence, it plays in tune, and the sound quality is what I was looking for. So, thanks for the tuba and keep ‘em coming.

    Greg Ronnback
    Freelance Musician, Alaska